Welcome to Rouden Daach (Red Roof)

Rouden Daach (Red Roof)
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Baby alpacas

above: Here are Lee-Lee (on the left) and Zamiro.


Josie tries the new spinning wheel

Josie trying out the new spinning wheel.


Jim working the loom

James working the loom.


garments made of alpaca fleece

Soft, warm and snuggly garments made of alpaca fleece.


wearable wool

Alpaca wearables become instant favorites.


young alpaca called Myra

Baby Myrah.

Alpacas at Rouden Daach

A small herd of 11 Alpacas call the barn at the Rouden Daach B&B their home. We love the sweet nature of these animals. They are gentle and make a good mix between livestock and pets. The primary reason for having them is their gorgeous fleece. They are shorn once a year. Some of their fleece is processed into rovings for spinners, or yarns for knitters. We also sell the raw fleece.




About our Alpacas:

The primary purpose for our herd is to produce a superb fleece, and this requires excellent genetics. Our herd consists of full Peruvian lines, and many of their ancestors have achieved high marks for their fleeces, their hardiness and their conformation.

Alpaca fleece has many superlative qualities and is very versatile.

This wonderful and versatile product comes from our lovely Alpacas, who can be visited year round at the Rouden Daach B&B.

We sell raw fleeces, rovings for spinning, yarn and fiber for a variety of crafts. The recent acquisition of a spinning wheel and carder allows us to now create our own yarn! Making it ourself enables us to offer you excellent yarns at great value. Jim is learning to weave, creating even more unique textiles for you. With ever more projects coming available, make sure you come back often to check for updates.

We also offer stud services and occasionally we sell some of our offspring as pets or for breeding.

Please inquire for details if you are interested!







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The Rouden Daach spinning wheel in action.





Two Rouden Daach guests helped feed the pacas and recorded this cute video.